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January 16, 2023

A Peek Inside: Gorilla Gardens

Tim Fast and his team at Gorilla Gardens are dedicated to growing high-quality medical cannabis with a passion for the plant. They have years of experience and have won numerous awards.
August 10, 2022

Review: Primal Cannabis

We take a look at the Distillate & Full Spectrum cartridges from Primal Cannabis.
July 5, 2022

REVIEW: Origin Extracts

Origin Extracts in our opinion is a very ‘Slept on’ brand in the world of wax, all of their wax is very consistent in their testing on both Live and Cured Products with no steep or gradual decline in THC or Terpene Testing, on average; Origin’s Cured Resin Wax tends to stay anywhere from 4% to around 7% with Live Resin Wax testing on average 10% to 13% Terps...
July 5, 2022

REVIEW: Pulsar Duplo H20 Vaporizer

We recently began carrying the Duplo H20 Thick Oil Vaporizers at our location and we must say...we’re impressed!   Designed for use with 2 cartridges these vaporizers feature 4 different power settings, auto-draw functionality, and long-lasting battery life. Depending on how quickly you tend to go through your average 1g cartridge the battery life on the Duplo H20 is long-lasting, we found that if you tend to go through 2 carts a week; 1 charge should last you for about 3 full days. If you’re more of an average cart user going through a cart a week then a charge on the Duplo should last about 5 days.