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Gorilla Gardens Oklahoma Logo

A Peek Inside: Gorilla Gardens

Tim Fast and his team at Gorilla Gardens are dedicated to growing high-quality medical cannabis with a passion for the plant. They have years of experience

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Origin Extracts

REVIEW: Origin Extracts

Origin Extracts in our opinion is a very ‘Slept on’ brand in the world of wax, all of their wax is very consistent in their testing

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Pulsar Duplo H20

REVIEW: Pulsar Duplo H20 Vaporizer

We recently began carrying the Duplo H20 Thick Oil Vaporizers at our location and we must say…we’re impressed!  

Designed for use with 2 cartridges these vaporizers feature

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REVIEW: Tsunami

Tsunami wears a lot of different hats when it comes to the variety of products they make. From Glass Bongs to Grinders, Dugouts, and Batteries, there

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