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A Peek Inside: Gorilla Gardens

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Tim Fast, the owner and head grower of Gorilla gardens has been growing medical cannabis since 2009. He initially started in Colorado, Tim's passion and love for the plant led him to start growing initially, the 1st strain he grew was Plane Wreck
(Train Wreck x Afghani Kush) He has since gained recognition for his strains, Winning 1st place place in the Rooster cup in 2016 and the 710 Cup in 2013. He since moved to Oklahoma and is now the owner of Gorilla Gardens. Under the Gorilla Gardens Name he continued to win awards for the plants he grew winning 1st and 2nd place at the Oklahoma Cannabis Cup.

Tim noted that Growing in Oklahoma comes with its own set of challenges, such as harsh winters and summers, and a climate that is ideal for pests. Tim and his team have overcome these obstacles by maintaining equipment all year round, having a preventative plan for harsh weather, and implementing an integrated pest management plan (IPM). They grow in soil-less medium and use both powder and liquid mix in the water for nutrients, and spray the plants once a week to control insects and pests.

When it comes to trimming and curing, Tim and his team use a hand trim method after a dry cure, and cure their buds by dry hanging in a controlled environment. The company is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma, where they have a team of 7 people, including Tim himself. Gorilla Gardens grow a few of our Staff Favorite strains including Lemon Skunk, Strawnana, Papaya, and Chem Jong Un.

Gorilla Gardens Top Flower

Tim Fast and his team at Gorilla Gardens are dedicated to growing high-quality medical cannabis with a passion for the plant. They have years of experience, have won numerous awards and have managed to overcome the challenges that come with growing in Oklahoma. We hope you stop by and see what we have in store from them, their strains come out to their intended smell and taste on a consistent basis.
Their Strawnana really strands out to me, as theirs is the only one I have seen that actually smells like a mix of Strawberry and Banana.

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